Princo's History

From Thin Film coating to the best in Optical Disc Manufacturing

PRINCO was founded in September 1983 at a science-based Industrial Park in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan. PRINCO specialized in the development of thin-film technology. Thin-film coating results in a durable, hard surface that is both wear-resistant and less subject to friction, which prolongs the life of the item it is applied to.

PRINCO’s thin-film technology covers TiN, TiC, CrN, TiCN, TiaLN, IPG coating which can be applied to various items, including the coating applied to recordable optical discs, which creates the reflective recordable surface. With minimal technical assistance or additional support, the dedicated and innovative PRINCO engineering team built its technical reputation as a leader in thin-film, which expanded to manufacturing recordable optical disc technology.

In 1995, PRINCO began mass production of the Compact Disc Recordable (CD-R). In 1999 PRINCO launches additional recordable optical discs for the DVD-R and DVD-RW. PRINCO rapidly built up its quality reputation and became one of the best optical media suppliers. With increasing sales due to the popularity of its recordable optical disc offerings, PRINCO expanded its operation outside its Taiwan headquarters. The Data Storage Division, PRINCO Hong Kong Limited and PRINCO Asia Enterprises Limited are formed to launch the company's international marketing campaign. PRINCO America Corporation, a solely owned subsidiary of PRINCO Corporation in Taiwan, was founded August 1997 in Fremont, CA. PRINCO America is primarily engaged in the business of import, sales and distribution of CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, and DVD-RW media products and other related activities throughout the United States, Canada and South America.

PRINCO had become one of the global leaders and most trusted manufacturers of recordable optical discs, but wanted to explore new technologies and markets to expand in to. In 2018, PRINCO transferred its recordable optical disc product line to AVIC UmeDisc, in order for PRINCO to focus its attention on its latest product inventions, the SmartWatch. AVIC UmeDisc's research and development (R&D) center is constituted by a professional team of experts with master’s and doctoral degrees. AVIC UmeDisc continued the popular PRINCO line of CD-R and DVD-R media products, while using its expansive knowledge of the recordable optical disc industry and production techniques to improve and maintain the long standing PRINCO reputation for quality and reliability. AVIC UmeDisc is constantly researching the next generation of optical discs and new production techniques and actively participated in drafting the new standard of the optical disc industry in China. Our R&D center is appointed as Optical Storage Engineering, Technology and Research Center by Henan Province of China.

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How to Confirm you have Authentic PRINCO optical discs

The way to confirm if you’re using authentic PRINCO CD-R and DVD-R is to check for the authentic Media Identification (MID) code. In addition, authentic Princo CD-R exclusively has a blue recordable surface. Make sure you check the recording side of the CD-R for the blue color and the MID on the CD-R and DVD-R. Only authentic PRINCO optical discs use the following MID’s:

Authentic Princo CD-R has BLUE burning side

PRINCO Optical Discs Work in the Toughest Conditions

PRINCO optical discs were specially designed for and have a long proven history of working better than any other recordable optical media when used in tough heavy duplication environments. Many of our customers remain loyal because our discs continue to work even when other discs fail due to imperfect working environments overused drives, extreme heat and many other conditions that are not favorable to traditional optical discs. Here are some visual examples of environments that PRINCO discs work and other discs fail:

  • toughest
  • toughest
  • toughest
  • toughest
  • toughest
  • toughest
  • toughest
  • toughest
  • toughest




Capacity: 700MB (80 min)
Max Recording Speed: 56X
Packaging: Shrink Wrap or Cake Box
Pieces Per Pack: 50 or 100
Pieces Per Box: 600 discs
Princo CD-R MID: 97:27.28 ~ 79:59.74
CD-R Specifications
Disc Dimension
Thickness 1.2 (+0.3/-0.1)mm
Diameter Outside ø120 (±0.3)mm
Inside ø15 (±0.3)mm
Use area ø44.7 - 118 mm
Track Configuration Spiral
Track Pitch 1.6 (±0.1)μm
Direction of Rotation CCW ( read side )
Capacity 80 min / 700MB
Environment Condition
Operating Temperature -5ºC ~ 55ºC
Humidity 5% RH ~ 95% RH
Storage Temperature -5ºC ~ 55ºC
Humidity 5% RH ~ 90% RH
Technical Data
Unrecorded Reflectivity (Rg) 0.73
Redial contrast (RCd) >0.05
Recorded Reflectance (Rtop) > 65%
Sensitivity 4 ~ 8 mW (1x)
Wavelength of write spot 775< λ < 795nm
Block Error Rate < 100 CPS
Jitter (3T) PIT < 35 ns
Jitter (3T) LAND < 35 ns
I (3) / Itop 0.3 ~ 0.7
I (11) / Itop > 0.6
Asymmetry -15% ≦ Asym ≦ 5%
Push-Pull SIG 0.04 ~ 0.09
Cross Talk < 0.50
Read Stability > 1,000,000 times (0.7 mW)
Light Fastness > Wool Reference #5
Multi-speed Recordable
Supported recording speed 2X-56X and higher speed


Capacity: 4.7GB (2 Hr)
Max Recording Speed: 4X, 8X, 16X
Packaging: Shrink Wrap or Cake Box
Pieces Per Pack: 50 or 100
Pieces Per Box: 600 discs

Below image shows extreme close-ups of a recordable CD-R and DVD-R to show the differences between the two in track pitch, pit length, and storage density:

CD 700MB

Track Pitch: 1,6 um
Minimum Pit Length: 0,8 um
Storage Density: 0,41Gb/in²


Track Pitch: 0,7 um
Minimum Pit Length: 0,4 um
Storage Density: 2,77Gb/in²

Disc Surface

  • PRINCO-Disc-CD-Silver.png

    Silver Lacquer CD-R
    (Metalized Hub)

  • PRINCO-Disc-CD.png

    (Metalized Hub)

  • PRINCO-Disc-CD-WIJ.png

    White Inkjet Printable CD-R
    (Metalized Hub)

  • PRINCO-Disc-DVD-PeralWhite.png

    Pearl White DVD-R
    (Metalized Hub)

  • PRINCO-Disc-DVD-16x.png

    (Metalized Hub)

  • PRINCO-Disc-DVD-WIJ.png

    White Inkjet Printable DVD-R
    (Metalized Hub)

The Princo Inkjet Printable discs are developed with an exclusive formula that provides exceptional quality offering amazing clarity and colorful vivid images as well as providing protection against fading and bleeding that comes from locations with high humidity. Even if printing in a tropical environment with high humidity, the user can print high quality images and text without concerns.

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